2 Jun

Something happened at the doctor’s office this week that has me stepping back up to the bully pulpit. Like all of you, I’m tired of hearing about Covid-19, the latest do or don’t list, and people’s reaction to extensions of sheltering-in-place measures. Some of you may have seen and recall a couple of bold comments I made at the beginning of May after having stifled them for weeks.

In response to an article I read on Facebook that could suggest something sinister afloat, I observed, “What we have seen is how easy it is to control the masses using fear, misinformation, conflicting information (unless the mask is the n95 variety, it will do nothing for you) to add confusion, and a non-stop one-line message.”

Privately, I had said to others that I do believe in a conspiracy, but it’s one dating back to Adam and Eve. Whether or not U.S. corporate and financial giants have their hands on the steering wheel of this wreck will likely never be known and, more importantly, may be immaterial. For those who may not know me well, let me say I believe prophesies in the Bible will be fulfilled. It’s looking more and more like I might see their fulfillment in my lifetime.

A Mark on the Back of the Hand
Several have posted on Facebook about chipping and tracking Americans, objecting vehemently and making reference to the mark of the beast in the book of Revelation. Do you remember when pay-at-the-pump was introduced around forty years ago? That’s when I made the following comment which I brought it up in conversation over those tracking chip posts. “America will not have the mark of the beast as spoken of in Revelation forced upon it. Americans will demand it.” They will—or at least a significant number of them—will flock to it for the bit of safety the government control will make them feel.

Again, in those private conversations I added that if the fear continues at its trajectory, we will soon hear people demanding to become a cashless society. That would be the next logical step for reducing contact with this or any future scary virus. Now to my doctor’s office experience.


While I waited (mask in place, seated a safe distance from anyone), another patient entered and stepped up to the counter to sign in and pay her fee. In response to the question, how do you want to pay, she said, “I’m sure you don’t want cash. Money is the dirtiest thing there is.” She even refused a printed receipt, requesting an emailed one instead.

I’ve never considered myself a prophet. I guess I feel like some things are so obvious to me that I wonder how no one else sees them. As these things foretold in the Bible begin to happen around us, I see we are closer to another prophesy concerning the last days before final judgment. According to the vision the Apostle John received, men will be so filled with fear that they will cry out for mountains to fall on them instead of repenting. The window of time for us to make a difference in their lives is closing.

How Then Shall We Live

Right now people are looking for safe places. We Christians know we have that in Jesus Christ. However, the spoken Word without the visible living Word will not reach them. Their ears have been assaulted with too many words. They’ve closed them against more instruction. Being told they have it wrong will not be tolerated. But seeing Jesus as a reality in another person’s life will appear as a novelty—enough to arouse curiosity or perhaps awe. That means we Christians must live as citizens in His kingdom, in His likeness, and in His power. His Word working in us must be on display. We must get intimate with Him.

For my comments on how we can be that, click on the category box located on the right for “Blueprint for the Church” and read from the oldest first.

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