More, More About Jesus

3 Mar

I’ve said it before, I think, but it bears saying again. We are empty nesters. That’s important to us because…well…first, my wife and I have not had the house to ourselves for almost 44 years. At some point in time each of our five adult children have come back home. All with very legitimate reasons and all moving in almost as soon as the other moved out. We had come to the point where being empty nesters had to be a myth.

The second reason, which springs out of the first, is the time it affords us to get in the Word together and in prayer. We have treasured the time spent in reading only a few verses out of a book in the Bible then sharing insights we each got out of them. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some of them with you, but let me preface them with how much they have tied together into one message.

The one thing
Perhaps the strongest one to date came from 2 Corinthians 6:12: “You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted in your own affections.” Paul has been saying that he has conducted himself in such a way as to direct their attention to Jesus, not himself. In so doing, they are not hindered in their experiences by him nor his ministry team if they are indeed following Jesus. They have the same Spirit in them as he does. If they are restricted by anything (here’s the big point), they are restricted by their own affections.

He goes on to underscore his point by saying how abhorrent and unthinkable it would be to put idols into God’s temple. Then he reminds them that they are now God’s temple.

The first century Church, the last Church, the Today Church
For years, I have told Jesus how much I desired to see Him moving in the Church in power as He once did. I told Him I hoped to see His glory fill believers before I die. I almost felt guilty asking for it, but at the same time I believed it to be His purpose and promise. The longer the delay, the more the idea of it began to seem like our hope of becoming empty nesters—something for someone else, but not us.

Rejecting that, I decided that it was something to continue praying for but was nothing I could make happen. It can only be accomplished by a move of His Holy Spirit. Man can’t manufacture it nor force it.

Then we read that verse. The hinderance is not external. I restrict it. We all restrict it by our own affections—by who or what receives our passion and devotion, by who or what we worship, by being self-focused and not focused on the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Affections—Get out of my way or get in line
My wife and I had a good time of prayer afterwards. And I feel like the dam in my heart just broke open so that what Jesus has put there can start coming out. Expect to see my blogs become more consistent again. If you see me missing any weeks, that will be a sign for you to pray for me to return to right affections.

Has discouragement and disappointment in your relationship with Jesus become a new normal for you?
Do you believe being a Christian should be more than what you’ve experienced?
If so, message me. I would like to talk with you so we can encourage one another.

One Response to “More, More About Jesus”

  1. Tami Myer at 7:15 am #

    How sobering–and liberating!–to recognize how I am restricted by my own heart. Thank you.


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