17 Dec

Last weekend I read a post by another writer that reminded me I also had a word for the year: Come. I smiled as I remembered it. I missed it during the rehab of our house. It, along with my writing, got overrun by the self-imposed deadlines of the work on the house. From July to Thanksgiving we went from construction zone to seeing our imaginations turn out to be less than the reality.

In the beginning: chaos

After Thanksgiving












The disruption began much earlier as we began packing our lives into boxes and having that interrupted by surgery and recovery. In short, it has been a year-long, grueling project. My sixty-nine years seemed so much older at the end of the year than it did in the beginning as muscles and joints ached and didn’t recover as they used to. (And that was with my son, grandson, and my son’s brother-in-law doing most of the heavy work.)

When I needed it most, I heard a whisper in my spirit, “Come.” It took on many forms. Sometimes, “Come. Tell me what’s bothering you.” Other times, “Come. Rest in my arms.” And, “Come. I have something to show you in my word.”

No matter how the Come presented itself, it delivered peace and love. It yielded the fruits of contentment, thankfulness, and at times a bit more awe.

With Christmas only days away, I am reminded of another Come. The shepherds said, “Come, let us go see for ourselves what the angels have declared to us.” The invitation to come is for everyone. Jesus’s arms are always open and welcoming. He can never be inconvenienced. He will never turn away from a seeking heart.

I pray you will let the word Come be your word for today if you haven’t experienced Jesus’s love for you. I would love to hear from you if you have questions, if you respond to the call, even if you want to share how a word for the year impacted you.

Posting a comment comes directly to me. It can remain private between us, or I can allow it to be posted. I will honor your request if you want it private. Merry Christmas.

One Response to “Come”

  1. jubileewriter at 9:06 am #

    A wonderful reminder of the goodness of God.


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