Ambassador Appointment

1 Oct

While reading a novel about Luke, I came to a point in the story where he meets Saul, who later became the apostle Paul. While that meeting could have been possible, it struck me as a stretch. I can see how it could give justification for the tight relationship the two later had, but I wondered how I might have imagined their meeting.

I would place them much later in life. Saul had already changed his name to Paul, Luke was already an accomplished physician. Perhaps Luke noticed that “thorn in the flesh” that bothered Paul and offered to help. Striking up a conversation to gain the opportunity to make his offer, Luke introduced himself adding his title. Paul returned the greeting with “I am an ambassador.

Luke took a step back to give honor to one of higher social rank. “What country do you represent?”

‘The kingdom of God.”

Most likely I imagine the scene playing out that way because of my own failures. I can’t begin to count the number of times I am in a situation and shrink away from being the light—from being bold in my witness. In the moment I yield to wrong thoughts such as:

• I’m only human.
• What if I open my mouth and God doesn’t do anything?
• Is it God’s prompting I feel or my pride wanting attention?
• What if I say the wrong things?
• I have nothing to offer.
• I don’t know what to say.
• They may reject me and thus not hear the message I want to share.

Instead, I should remember:

• He chose me before I was even born.
• He calls me beloved.
• He calls me a saint.
• He paid my debt of sin so I wouldn’t have to.
• He’s appointed me to do kingdom work, which has its foundation in loving others as He does.
• He knows I can’t do it in my strength so He’s given me His Spirit to work through me.
• It’s no longer me, but Christ in me, and He is greater than the world’s mightiest.
• He commands me not to fear.
• He has invested His kingdom authority and power in me.
• I am an ambassador.

Photo by Charles Huff

If you are alone right now, say out loud “I am an ambassador.” Repeat it until you hear it in your heart. Then let your light shine brightly today.

What hinders you from doing God’s work?

What is His answer in the Word?

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