How to simplify too much to handle

20 Aug

I remember a time when I had to delegate a very simple task. A ridiculously simple one. My thoughts were tied and pulled toward so many actions and activities that I couldn’t handle it. I told a co-worker to schedule a meeting and send invites. I said I would make the meeting, just don’t ask me to schedule it.

For a person who is performance focused, multitasking becomes a tortuous mountain to scale. I had reached my limit. I think common wisdom says life should be easier now that I’m retired, but I find that the pressure hasn’t let up. The challenge has increased considerably as we are in the middle of rehabbing our house. Timetables get ripped from me and put in others’ hands to control when my daughter has a flat tire and no one else to call, when we have to take and unplanned trip to help out another one of our kids, and so on. Besides maintaining my regular activities, I face a deadline placed on me by the countertop manufacturer. I have these things to complete before the countertops get installed:
   • remove kitchen cabinet doors and drawers,
   • scrub, sand, prime and paint them and the cabinet faces,
   • spackle wall imperfections, sand, prime and paint the walls where the wallpaper           had been removed,
   • remove the existing countertops, and
   • Check base cabinets for any needed repairs and make them.

Meanwhile, I still have my office to put back together and packing up the downstairs in preparation for new flooring.

Paul’s letter to Timothy brought me comfort and peace this week. In it, he pointed out the need to focus on only three things: pure heart, clear conscience, and sincere faith. Paul then talks through the struggles in the Ephesus church, showing Timothy how they all relate to these three things. I can imagine Timothy releasing a great sigh as he understood how to proceed. I can imagine it because I gave that sigh with a new resolve to triumph over my schedule and multitude of tasks. Three things are many times simpler than the jumbled mess I was trying to control.

You see, a pure heart, a clear conscience, and a sincere faith take very little strength and effort on our part—if we surrender it all to the Lord. It is his Spirit within us doing what he wants us to do and in his time.

One Response to “How to simplify too much to handle”

  1. Kevin Bell at 10:46 am #

    Amen, brother!


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