Great Adventures

16 Apr

Who’s up for an adventure? Signs in my life are pointing toward one it seems. Change. Maybe a big change. We don’t know what is going to happen after the changes in progress. We have a choice: to be fearful or to be excited as we face this unknown. From where we stand at the moment, we see only good things. We choose to focus on them, not worrying about what bad things could be beyond the horizon, and to see an adventure before us.

Cindy remembers conversations we had in our first two years of marriage. We wanted to travel. Low pay, as we were just starting out, then becoming responsible for little lives as our family grew, hindered us. That and fears.

Circumstances in our children’s lives had each one returning to live with us—sometimes only one at a time, once with the three youngest together, and two with their families. The last one included my son’s father-in-law. His was the longest stay as he and his wife worked through college degrees. Forty-four years passed from the first addition to our family until we are soon to be empty nesters.

The son has started moving his family out. It will be completed in about six weeks when his daughters begin summer break at school. Little things excite us, things like:
• How much will our utility costs drop?
• We can finally do those nagging repairs on the house.
• What will we do when our time and schedule is our own?
• We have freedom to travel.
• We can at last get back on our diet and lose these hateful pounds.

One item on our list gives us mixed signals. Our house. One part has us excited that we can function in hospitality at long last. We will have the room to entertain others without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household (or their disturbing our guests). But, it’s more house than we need. We didn’t think so when we bought it fourteen years ago, but at age 55 I no qualms about climbing ladders. And then the cost of living in our state needles us. We could have more disposable income elsewhere in the state and even more in neighboring states. Even downsizing in the same city would help. So many choices. But move? That’s a stressful adventure. Where is God taking us?

I think Abram must have had some of the same thoughts as he struck out for the land God promised him. Part adventure, part frustrating inconvenience maybe, and a large part of questions. At the same time, I believe Abram had a good relationship with God before his adventure started. I can’t believe that first recorded conversation with him was actually his first. So, Abram had another part of excitement. God said, “Come.” Heaven intersected earth—and more specifically—his life.

What a delight to know God has opened the door of heaven for all to have that same experience: heaven intersecting our lives. Like Abram, we won’t know where that will take us nor what we will encounter along the way, but we know we are where he wants us when we answer his call to come. So, we launch our new adventure.

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