When Broken Things Stay Broken

12 Mar

I know. The title sounds like I have an answer for broken things. Well, I don’t. I can’t suggest how to unbreak things. I know this from first-hand experiences. This past month has seen a rash of things breaking. And, they’re still broken. We’ve had to work around some, but all in all, we’ve simply had to go on.

Maybe you’ve had a month like ours. First the car wouldn’t start. That happened the week the temperatures dipped down below zero again. I tried a number of things, but none helped. It came down to replacing the starter. My son came over the day the temps jumped up above freezing and replaced it for me. He had to put a tarp over the car to shield him from the drizzle that started when he was working on it.

After we enjoyed the use of the car a few days, it began to choke and die every time we try to move it. So, it sits again until we can have things checked out on it.

Then my computer crashed after a system update. I spent hours on the phone with tech support to no avail. I had to take it to the store (half an hour away) to be told I had to leave it for two days—or more, depending. That evening the store called to tell me the hard drive died and they can’t retrieve any of my files. I worked around this break. I learned I could connect my kindle fire to a Bluetooth keyboard and continue writing. I didn’t have to buy a new computer; I saved money by replacing the hard drive. However, I can’t do a thing about the lost files. That part of the event is still broken.

As I sat in our kitchen Sunday visiting with friends, I noticed one of our cabinet drawers sitting at an odd angle. I thought the drawer face had broken off. Strange as that would be, what actually had happened was stranger. The back wall of the cabinet separated from the cabinet and allowed the drawer rails to drop and free-hang from the front connections.

News from friends of cancer diagnosis, suicide, and other tragedies topped off our month.
I don’t share these things to make you feel sorry for me/us. Our lives are not all that different from anyone else. Christians are not promised nor given charmed lives. We don’t have a spiritual Midas touches where we can turn tragedies into treasures.

I share these things because I started my day melancholy, but the Lord reminded me of the lessons he has taught me and I’ve shared with you all recently. I began to thank Jesus for calling me back to childlike faith (Lessons from Pan and Poppins). I’m comforted that I am not alone—will never be alone—in frustrations and trials. I can overcome by Holy Spirit fire the Lord breathes into me (Fire by God Not for God). And I’m encouraged by God’s word for me for the year: come. How awesome it is to have his desire become my desire. These put my broken things into perspective: they are far better in his hands. I can find rest in that.

One Response to “When Broken Things Stay Broken”

  1. jubileewriter at 2:55 pm #

    Thanks for the encouragement.


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