Glad Jesus Is in Control

6 Nov

I interrupt the regularly scheduled blog with this important control issue announcement. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a few of blogs about how the need to be in control has slowed my development of a full Christian life. (See In His Hands, Let Me Drive, and Trying to Play It Safe with God if you want to read or review them). Last Friday I had a practical lesson/reminder.

My wife and I had taken her mother from the assisted living facility she is in to have her hearing aids cleaned and adjusted. We were about half-way home after dropping her off when the unexpected happened. The road we were on has about a mile or two stretch that is straight, and speed limit is fifty miles per hour. I heard a dull pop and felt the front-end drop. I hit the brakes and fought the wheel to stay out of the line of on-coming traffic as the car fishtailed. I think Cindy had one hand gripping her seat and the other against the dashboard. A second pop dropped the front end even more.

I saw the road had a wide shoulder for emergency pull-offs so I headed for it. My speed had slowed so I felt it would be safe pulling onto the soft shoulder. The car got completely off the road before the left front wheel plowed deep into the gravel and brought us to a stop. We were not harmed. The car was a safe distance off the road. It was a beautiful fall day with moderate temperatures, no rain or snow. One of my first thoughts was I couldn’t have picked a better time and place, and I could have imagined much worse. Those things were not in my control anyway. Later I learned the first pop was the ball joint; the second was the tire.

After we were back home with a rental car provided by our insurance, I realized and enumerated several things.

1. I have been saying for months I didn’t think our eighteen-year-old car would be considered safe to drive. Yet, it held together until the ideal conditions I outlined above.
2. Things happened so fast, I don’t remember praying. If I did, it could not have been more than one word (like JESUS) as a plea filled with all my fears—which he answered whether I prayed or not.
3. We were glad Cindy’s mom was not still in the car with us.
4. I was glad Cindy wasn’t driving when it happened. I don’t know how she would have reacted and what the outcome could have been. (I know. If God is in control, why worry.)
5. Glad no cars were close to us when it happened so no other vehicles got involved.
6. Glad I was successful in keeping the car relatively straight as we slowed down and pulled off (though I’m not sure how much of that was me).
7. Glad it happened in a straight section of road (no blind hills or curves).
8. Glad there was a wide shoulder and no steep drop-off. (I drove that stretch later in a rental car and saw it was the ideal spot. The rest of the shoulder on that side of the road is narrow and rolls down into a deep ditch.)
9. Glad for the wisdom on pulling off slowly.
10. Glad the brake line didn’t brake until after I no longer needed them.

The story doesn’t have an end, yet. We suspect the cost for repair and the car’s worth might result with it deemed totaled. We may be thrust into needing to acquire a new car. I think this lesson has taught me I can let go of my control and trust Jesus in this. However, I would like some input from you.

A. This may be the last car we will ever buy. We tend to drive them until nobody else would want them and in another 10 to 15 years, it may be me and not the car that isn’t safe to drive.
B. With age in mind, we want something that sits a little higher than most sedans so it would be easier to get in and out of. We are thinking of something in the crossover SUV realm.
C. We also would like a smaller wheelbase than our Grand Marquis so it would be easier to park.
D. Economy is important (gas, maintenance, and repair costs low).
E. And, of course, safety.

I would like to hear suggestions from you.

And I would like to hear what lessons Jesus has taken you through to expand your trust in his control.

2 Responses to “Glad Jesus Is in Control”

  1. Kevin at 8:50 am #

    I am looking at the Buick Encore for exactly the reasons you are hoping to find. Good providence. There is a sale on them. 25% off. Check it out.


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