Let Me Drive: Control Issues

9 Oct

One activity I do helps me see how much I like to be in control. I don’t consider myself a control freak. I’m comfortable delegating duties to others and leaving them alone to do it, but I do keep close watch to make sure it’s done right. However, that isn’t the activity I am thinking about. The real test is driving.

Without clear direction

Whenever my wife and I go somewhere, I prefer to drive. And, the control aspect displays itself most when I am too exhausted to drive another mile. I say to Cindy, “I’m stopping so I can rest while you drive.” I let her get into the driver’s seat. I sit beside her, fasten my seatbelt, drop the back of the seat to near prone position and am wide awake. I can do nothing to keep my eyelids closed. Has anyone else experienced that?

Her driving habits are different from mine. She makes me nervous when she is behind the wheel. I don’t know how much of my anxiety is based on fear or control issues. She’s a safe driver so I have little justification for the fear. It manifests with other drivers, too—not just my wife. My anxiety must be rooted in being more comfortable when I am in control. Having talked with others, I know I am not the only one who has done this.

Last week’s blog In His Hands got me thinking more about this subject. If Jesus truly holds today and all tomorrows in his hands, then peace in life’s storms come down to whether or not I can be comfortable with him being in control instead of me.

The more I try to explain myself, the more I find I need to define things, things like resting without worrying. I’m not against analyzing a situation and designing plans to work through it, but as Proverbs (reference) indicates, an established, worthy plan comes from the Lord. One of my biggest mistakes is having what I call the Plan B in my prayers. As I pray, I ask Jesus to work out the knots in the situation. In the back of my mind I hold a timeline or an order for specific ways for him to work (all according to my designs). When that happens, I have implemented Plan B. Since he knows even my thoughts, I have told the Lord how far I am willing to trust him. After my imposed deadlines have been passed, it’s, “Pull over. I’m going to drive.”

I’ve made my examples simple because most of our decisions (and with them the exercising of our faith) are circumstances we can manipulate on our own. However, we stunt or faith growth when we do. Every time we take back control, we stop our spiritual growth. We become more conformed to this world instead of being transformed into the image of Christ. The latter should be our goal and the receiver of our energy because it is God’s goal for us.

But what about the greater challenges we may face? I’ll speak about those in the next blog.

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