Reason for Purposeful Living

6 Mar

The truth of coming judgment flashed through my thoughts. With it came the words of Jesus that the way to the Father and eternal life is narrow and only a few will find it. That means the rest are lost forever. When I thought of friends and family who could be caught in that divide, I cried out in my heart to the Lord that I don’t want to see them turned away from heaven. And then God expanded my thoughts to the people outside my circle—to the state, the nation, and the world. I bawled. Never in my life had I thought of how great a loss was about to happen.

I am sharing this as a footnote to last Tuesday’s blog (Shredded Allegiance). The above episode happened to me a few days before I wrote my last blog. But after posting it, I decided to research the numbers. I wanted to get a feel, if I could, on how big the loss is that God impressed on my heart.

Remember, we are talking first about my family, my friends, their brothers and sisters, and then their friends, in an ever-widening rippling tide.
• The world’s estimated population in April, 2017: 7.5 billion people
• 31.6% of world population claim to be Christian: 2.8 billion
• 65% of Americans identifying as Christians believe there are other paths to salvation than Jesus
Note: When Jesus said narrow is the way and few that find it, he indicated he is the only way. He nailed it when he said no one could approach the Father but by him. Peter emphasized it by saying no other name under heaven is given whereby we might be saved. That says to me that 65 percent of American Christians are living by a different gospel, a false one.

Applying the 65% to world population aligning with Jesus reduces the number of those who see Jesus as the only way to salvation to 980 million or a mere 13 percent of the total world population. Nearly nine in ten people need to discover intimacy with Jesus. If they don’t, their eternity will be filled with pain, anguish, guilt, and gnashing of teeth. Nine out of ten.

It’s hard for statistics to give you any level of connectivity, whether talking about dollars or people. The numbers are simply too impersonal. Let’s draw it a little closer. In America, about 77 percent of the roughly 327 million people claim to be Christian, or about 252 million. Remember, 65 percent may not be holding an essential tenant of the faith. That reduces us down to 88 million, about the population of California, Texas, and Florida. Let that sink in…three of our 50 states only. My hometown has a population of just over 200,000. Using the same calculation, the number is reduced to 54 thousand. Certainly, that number exceeds my contact list by far, but within my day-to-day activities, nearly three out of four people I encounter have a grim eternity to anticipate.

On top of it, these could be optimistic numbers, believe it or not. Jesus also said many will say to him, didn’t we even work miracles in your name? But he will tell them to leave because he never had an intimate relationship with them.

I challenge you to think about these things in the next restaurant you are in, during your next shopping trip, or anyplace else where there are people. Ask Jesus to speak to your heart about the level of loss he sees. Be willing to be used by him to give an encouraging (or challenging) word.

If you accept my challenge, please come back to this blog and share your experience.

Have you felt this same weight that sprang on me? I would like to hear about that, too.

2 Responses to “Reason for Purposeful Living”

  1. Heather Roberts at 3:51 pm #

    Yes the same weight is upon me. In the prophetic intercessory world everyone is a buzz with a deafening level of burden for the yet to be saved. An urgency that is shifting entire atmospheres is currently moving.

    In my personal world I am exchanging my list of unsaved with a friend and she is lifting my people and I hers in agreement with each other.


    • hillmenclan at 5:10 pm #

      Thanks for sharing. I hope others are encouraged to know God is moving in the hearts of his people.

      Liked by 1 person

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