Reminder: We are being trained to royalty

2 Jan

Just as the growing royal family in England must be trained on how to conduct themselves, so we as members of God’s royal family must be trained as well. To that end, I am going to share something I read this past week reposted on Facebook by a friend of mine. As a note of disclosure, I am not familiar with this Mario Murillo’s ministry, so I am not endorsing it in any way. However, his blog gives a concrete example of what my series of blogs on the coming baptism of fire points us to. I believe as Jesus’s return draws ever nearer, his church will both be called to and raised to a new level of holiness.

I say “called to” because I sense that, as he did when we first believed, he is inviting us to enter into a greater and closer relationship (walk) with him and in his kingdom. Our first love will be restored and in far greater measure. We’ll know freedom and cleanliness in ways we’ve never imagined.

And I say “raised to” because he will begin judgment in his church. The baptism of fire will usher in his glory filling his temple (his church—us). The following blog expertly and graciously shines a penlight on our path toward being royalty in God’s kingdom.

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