What if Christianity began with today’s American churches?

9 May

Have you ever played the “What if…” game? Perhaps in the solitude of your thoughts? Well, here goes. What if the church in America were responsible for launching Christianity for the first time? Send me your thoughts and I will post them here. I can even post them anonymously, if you want. You can write your ideas in the comment section or send me an email at charley.charleshuff@gmail.com.

Be creative. Have some fun with this. I want to hear what you think before I share my thoughts.

I limit your imaginations only by asking you think of the American church as a whole, not just your own congregation. Beyond that, you can place the church back 2000 plus years or leave it in the current era.

How does the American church spread the gospel? Will it be effective? How do you think it would take hold? What obstacles does the church face? How does it overcome? What persecutions will it face? Where will the church be in 100 years?

Feel free to answer any other questions you might think of.

Ready? Set? Go!

2 Responses to “What if Christianity began with today’s American churches?”

  1. hillmenclan at 10:54 am #

    Thanks Jeff! Great additional thoughts.



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    […] everyone. Thanks for the comments on “What If.” I was hoping for more input and more detail, but we will go with what we got. You probably […]


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