Jesus, Our Example – Part 2

14 Jun
Photo by Charles Huff

Photo by Charles Huff

My brother was eight years older than I and was quite the outdoorsman. Trying to follow him through the woods was difficult even when he worked to make it easier for me. He would drag his feet through the brambles, breaking the vines apart so fewer would grab hold of me. In like manner, Jesus has broken through the entanglements of this world so we can see how we can live a life in obedience to the Father’s good will for us. The last post (Jesus Our Example – Part 1) covered the first three Beatitudes. Here are the remaining four:

Hunger and thirst after righteousness:

Jesus often separated Himself from the crowd and even His disciples in order to get alone time with His Father. He would rise early in the mornings to find a place of solitude to pray. As we read through the gospels, we often see Him do things that seem odd, but connecting the comments above with His seeking the Father’s wisdom and strength for the day, we must conclude they were intentional.

On one occasion the disciples went into the next village to buy food and bring it back where they left Jesus resting by a well. When His disciples returned, they were amazed to find Him having conversation with a Samaritan woman. When they pressed Him to eat, He turned the food down saying, in a way, that He already had His hunger and thirst quenched.[1] Listening to and obeying His Father was more than satisfying.

The merciful:

Jesus showed and explained God’s mercy. When Jesus healed on the Sabbath, the Pharisees charged Him with working on the Sabbath in strict violation of God’s law. But when Jesus asked which one would not rescue one of their livestock out of a pit on the Sabbath, they knew they would and so dropped their charges against Him. [2]

When certain Pharisees invited Jesus to dine with them, a woman of ill-repute slipped behind them as they reclined at table and began to wet Jesus’ feet with her tears and kisses, wiping His feet dry with her hair. The Pharisees spoke among themselves wondering how a true prophet from God would allow himself to be touched by such a woman, but Jesus saw the work accomplished in her heart, a work that sent her away with her sins forgiven while the sins of the Pharisees remained with them.[3]

Pure in heart:

Jesus was pure in heart. He was God’s lamb, worthy to be sacrificed for the sins of the world. No one else was worthy. No one else was without spot or blemish as He. Like the Father, His heart was that no one would perish. His love was so pure that He willingly went to the cross, reconciling God’s enemies to the Father.


Jesus is the Peacemaker, the Prince of Peace. He made the way for every individual to be forgiven to erase the enmity between God and man because of sin. He opened the vail between man and the Holy of Holies. Everyone has the opportunity to be reconciled with God, to stand in His presence, to be numbered among His beloved, and to be made a joint heir with Jesus.

Follow Him:

When He gave us His Spirit to indwell us, He gave us the wisdom and the power to follow Him. He cut the path for us. He taught us by example. He empowered us to do the same things by His Spirit. We all can say it is no longer me but Christ in me.

If we are not happy with the way the world is going, we must not like what the church has become. We must give an answer in our own lives to Peter’s question: “What manner of persons ought we to be? We must ask ourselves if we are ridding ourselves of spots and wrinkles so we are ready for the appearance of our Groom. Who is really in charge of our lives? Is it self? Is it family and friends? Is it popular philosophies and politics? Or is it Jesus Lord of all?

Once we have been honest with ourselves with those answers, we know what we must do. We must be salt and light as He designed for His church.



[1] John 4:1-32

[2] Matthew 12:9-13

[3] Luke 7:36-50

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